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Fabric and Stones

These works were created from thoughts of skin and surface and their injury. The canvas in the works resembles a skin stretched on a frame, the painting is a body engraved with the damage of time. The stretched lycra fabrics become semi-transparent following the stretching, sometimes to the point of exposing the structure of the wooden frame.

Berant travels the world through google maps, flies over Israel, Lebanon, arrives in Madagascar. She captures areas at the sea, edits them so that the information the eye receives consists of variable density of black dots (bitmap), and prints them in a manual screen-print. Berant sees the waves as stretch marks of the world. At the heart of her work is a movement on a continuum between reality and fiction; Tying the stones into the fabric produces physical stretch marks that stand in front of the illusion of volumes created by the print technique: a printed crease meets a three-dimensional crease. This creates a dialogue between the image and the real.

"The actual fabric is stretched over a frame and the whole image is wrinkled. This dissonance is funny and interesting to me - how do we distinguish an image from all these points? How do we recognize waves, mountains, valleys - when in fact it is a flat and taut fabric. I throw stones into this painted sea, stretching, tying. Real ripples are formed."

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