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Logo design

logo illustration by noa berant
logo on a bag
logo on a bakery window
offa logo
offa logo

Baking Dreams into Reality with Romi's Bakery

Partnering with Romi, I embarked on an immersive design journey, delving into the heart of her bakery's identity. Guided by Romi's desire to feature a woman and challah bread, we meticulously explored various sketches and design directions.

Our creative odyssey culminated in a logo that resonated deeply with Romi's aspirations.

The final logo design features a confident girl gracefully walking, holding aloft a challah.

In my eyes, the woman's poise and determination embody Romi's spirit, reflecting her journey from a budding baker to a successful business owner.

It is a symbol of her journey from a dreamer girl to a successful business owner, a testament to the power of perseverance and the transformative nature of dreams.

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