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Saar Gal - Sport Psychology

Branding, website design

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Building a Champion's Brand: Saar Gal - Sport Psychology

Saar Gal, a highly respected sports psychologist, needed a brand identity that mirrored his success and resonated with a broad audience. He wanted to reach not only seasoned coaches but also young athletes and their supportive parents. However, his existing website didn't effectively communicate his dual strengths: professionalism and approachability. 

We embarked on a collaborative journey to develop a brand language that captured Saar's unique personality. We crafted a a logo that conveyed both expertise and a touch of dynamism. The color scheme we developed is energetic yet sophisticated, reflecting the youthful energy of athletes and the experience of coaches. We meticulously selected fonts that are both easy to read and visually appealing. 

Saar's Website:

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