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Branding‭, Website design‭, Illustration

Shtichmus is a company that specializes in crafting handmade stone stoves and rural outdoor kitchens. Their products are known for their rustic charm and high-quality craftsmanship.


Seeking to modernize their brand's online presence, Stichmus approached me to design their website and to create a visual identity that will reflect the company's unique character and expertise.

To capture the essence of Shtichmus' brand, I chose a color palette that evokes the warmth and natural beauty of Shtichmus' materials. For typography, I selected a classic sans-serif font family that exudes simplicity and elegance.  The choice of fonts and colors align with Stichmus' commitment to both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.
I incorporated illustrations throughout the website. These illustrations depict the process of ordering an outdoor kitchen, from initial consultation to final installation. This visual storytelling element adds a personal touch and guides visitors through the ordering process.


Shtichmus is now better equipped to connect with potential customers and showcase their expertise in creating rustic outdoor kitchens that enhance living spaces.

Visit Shtichmus website

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